My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 10/1/21

Wow. How can it be October already? That doesn’t seem possible.

It seems a little unnecessary to write this one since I’ve spent all week writing about TV and then did my month in books post yesterday. I did watch a movie this week, so there is new content for people who read all of my posts(if such a person exists).


I watched one “new to me” movie this week. It was The Package, a 2018 movie I found on Netflix. The Package is a standard raunchy teen comedy. A group of teens goes on a spring break camping trip. While camping, there is an accident that severs the penis of one of the friends. This starts a frantic race to the hospital for reattachment before it is too late. It’s not a great movie. There are some laughs. It’s a good, late-night, I need to watch something that requires no thought movie.


In addition to all of the TV I’ve written about, I also watched the new episode of Ted Lasso, the new episode of The Walking Dead, Dear White People, and Kim’s Convenience.

I watch Jeopardy every day. The more people whined about current champion Matt Amodio on Twitter the more I wanted him to win. My daughter and I are both big fans of James Holzhauer, though, so we kind of want Matt to lose tonight so he doesn’t pass James in consecutive games won.

We are now two episodes into the new season of The Resident and they we still have to wait until the next episode to get the fate of Emily VanCamp’s character. This is annoying. We all know she is leaving. Just get to it already.

You can find all of my reviews and what’s on TV posts here


I finished two books this week.

Sacrifice of Darkness by Roxane Gay and Tracy Lynne Oliver – A graphic novel dealing with identity, guilt, and survival. A miner takes a spaceship and flies into the sun, extinguishing it and plunging his world into darkness. In the future, his family is judged and shunned for his actions. We get the parallel love stories of the miner and his wife and their son and his wife. Part sci-fi, part romance adds up to not much to recommend. It was quick, though, and I needed that.

The Burning Girls by C. J Tudor – After being blamed for a tragedy in her parish, Jack Brooks is temporarily reassigned as vicar of Chapel Croft. Chapel Croft is known for the burning of eight protestant martyrs hundreds of years ago. It is said the burning girls still appear to those who are in danger. Thirty years ago, two teenage girls and a priest disappeared, Two months ago, the most recent vicar committed suicide. Jack and her daughter become embroiled in the mysteries surrounding these events.

I enjoyed this one. It had nice, short chapters which always seems to make a book read faster. I liked the characters of Jack and her daughter. The mystery was compelling. I didn’t see the twists coming and they were satisfying reveals. I would rank this as the best I read this month.

On Deck

I have no movies on deck. I might watch a random movie if I run out of shows I watch alone. I still need to watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. The Walking Dead: World Beyond returns tomorrow. Tough as Nails and United States of Al return this week. Ghosts premieres. I am reading Razorblade Tears by S. A. Cosby.


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      1. I think you’re correct. His job was to scan sets with a laser scanner and import the data into his computer. Then his work (I’m not sure what you’d call it) is used for special effects. He worked on a lot of movies and shows but the pandemic really hurt his business.

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