Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/30/21

It’s an odd night for TV considering we are at the beginning of the new fall season. One network has repeats and another has a game show special. Not your normal offerings at this time of year.


8pm – Station 19 – I know a lot of Grey’s fans hate this show and hate the crossovers, but I think this is now a better show than Grey’s. My only issue with the crossovers is that my wife watches this and not Grey’s so it complicates when I watch things.

9pm – Grey’s Anatomy – I’m hoping we are done with Covid stories. Last season was not fun at all.

10pm – Big Sky – I like this one. I like that there is a different big case each season, but the original bad guy is still out there.


8pm – An Hour of Young Sheldon Repeats

9pm – The Price is Right Celebrates 50 Years – I watched Price is Right a lot as a kid. I watched a little of it during lockdown for background noise. I thought Drew Carey was an odd choice to host, but he is good.


8pm – Coroner – this is the middle of the third season.

9pm – The Outpost – I know nothing about this show. It has been on for a few years now.


8pm – Repeat of The Big Leap – the first episode, though it looks like they aren’t repeating the second. My review is here.

9pm – Repeat of Our Kind of People – same as above. My review.


8pm – Law & Order; SVU – they are bringing back the original version of Law & Order, so I will have more to ignore.

9pm – Law & Order: Organized Crime – a two hour episode.

Various Non-Streaming Options

What We Do in the Shadows on FX at 9.

Two new episodes of Flipping 101 with Tarek on HGTV starting at 8 followed by House Hunters.

Tacoma FD at 10 on TruTV.

Tater Asks Your Opinion

I’m considering continuing this after all of the shows debut. If I did, I would likely only list what is on, maybe point out any special episodes or major guest stars. I would add a section for my picks for the day. What do you think? Too much if I also plan to keep posting other random posts each day?


6 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/30/21

  1. I don’t watch TV usually, but I appreciate your take on shows. I have tuned in a couple of times (or streamed later) shows that you have reviewed. I would never have known to check them out without your blog.

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  2. Do you think they’re auditioning a different night for the Big Leap? I feel like I should have it on in the background on the off chance that somebody’s checking what I watch.

    Liked by 1 person

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