Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/23/21

The next two nights are not very exciting in regards to premieres. I’m not sure there is much reason for me to do one one for tomorrow.

Here is what we have for tonight.


8pm – Holey Moley – The weird mini-golf show.

9pm – The Hustler – I’m not exactly sure what this show is. Some sort of competition show.

10pm – The Hustler – another episode.


8pm – Big Brother – I was not aware this was on mutliple times.

9pm – Kenny Rogers: All in for the Gambler – a special filmed before Rogers died. I liked Kenny Rogers. I might consider watching.

10pm – Bull – a repeat from last season


8pm – Coroner – A Canadian show they started airing when filming was shut down. I’m glad they are still airing the new seasons. It’s a good show.

9pm – The Outpost – the 4th season of a summer show I’ve never watched.


8pm – The Masked Singer – I hope this two night thing is a one week thing. We don’t need multiple nights of this show.

9pm – Alter Ego – a seond night of this one as well. Did we even need one night?


8pm – Law and Order: SVU – Sesaon 23 gets a two hour premiere. 23 seasons and I’ve never watched an episode. No reason to start now.

10pm – Law and Order: Organized Crime – the second season premiere of the newest version of Law and Order.

Various Other Non-Streaming Options

Thursday Night Football on NFL Network. Not much on tonight, so I might watch some football.

What We Do in the Shadows on FX at 10. My son loves this show.

Takoma FD on TruTV at 10. I lke Super Troopers. I should catch up on this one.


4 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/23/21

  1. I’m with you. There’s nothing of interest to me tonight. I think for the sake of completion, it would be nice if you did a post tomorrow. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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      1. I think the assumption is that people will be out and about and not watching TV. Friday used to be almost dead as well. The TGIF family sitcom block was the big thing because it was assumed only familes with kids would be home watching

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