Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/22/21

This is the TV night I’ve been anticipating the most: the return of Survivor! I will back to watching live and possibly live tweeting it. Everything else on tonight will have to wait until tomorrow. Here is the schedule.


8pm – The Goldbergs – I started watching this when I was working from home during the lockdown and needed a light 30 minute show for my lunch break. Tonight is a tribute to George Segal, who played Pops.

8:30PM – The Wonder Years – The new Wonder Years is a black man recounting his experience growing up in Montgomery, Alabama in the late 60’s. Don Cheadle narrates. Dule Hill plays the dad. Both good reasons to give it a try.

9pm – The Conners – This is a much better show without Roseanne.

9:30PM – Home Economics – This was one of my favorite new sitcoms last year.

10pm – A Million Little Things – I used to like this one a lot more. I’m hoping this season is better than the last one. James Roday Rodriguez and Allison Miller are the only reasons last season was bearable.


8pm – Survivor – Two hour season premiere! I still love this show. My daughter and I watched old seasons during lockdown and over this summer when she was home. I’m very happy to have a new season to watch.

9pm – Big Brother – I have never watched an episode. I feel like this season is almost over.


8pm – Riverdale – I liked the first season a lot. We quit the show early in season two.

9pm – In the Dark – I’ve never watched this one, but it looks interesting enough to eventually watch on Netflix.


8pm – The Masked Singer – I watch this one regularly. I’m usually doing other things while watching, but it is fun to see who is under the mask.

9pm – Alter Ego – Similar to Masked Singer but with regular people singing while the judges only see capture motion avatars. Looks dumb.


8pm – Chicago Med – We tried to watch this one. I thought it was one of the worst medical shows I’d ever seen. Just terrible.

9pm – Chicago Fire – This is the only Chicago show we watch. I like it, but I think the “main’ characters are getting boring. I prefer the episodes when the side characters get more screen time. They are much more fun.

10pm – Chicago PD – I’ve only ever watched this one when they do a crossover with Fire. The main cop annoys me.

Various Other Non-Streaming Options

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on Bravo. I hear people actually watch that.

House Hunters and House Hunters International are on HGTV.

Guy’s Grocery Games is on Food Network.


5 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/22/21

  1. I watched Big Leap last night and enjoyed it. I’ll set the DVR to record all new episodes so I don’t forget. Since there’s nothing that interests me tonight, I’ll try to watch Ordinary Joe.

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