Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/21/21

Tonight is a much busier TV night for me. A good mix of returning shows and new shows I want to try. I did realize after the fact yesterday that I omitted the CW from my list. I will correct that today. After I finish this post I am going to watch Ordinary Joe and will be back later this morning with a review.


8pm – Bachelor in Paradise – I have never watched an episode of any of these shows. I see no reason to start now.

10pm – The Ultimate Surfer – This started a few weeks back. I haven’t paid any attention to what it is.


8pm – FBI – I watched this one because I liked some of the actors in it. It is a decent procedural. We just recently finished the last season. I did enjoy that they brought in a villain that could be a recurring problem.

9pm – FBI: Most Wanted – The first spinoff of FBI. I find it very boring. The cast is not good. A lot of wooden, stilted acting. It is taking up a lot of space on my DVR. I need my wife to decide if we keep watching.

10pm – FBI: International – This show kind of already existed and was Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. It is bascially the same show. The FBI unit working on crimes involving Americans abroad. One of the mothership FBI stars was in the Criminal Minds one. I don’t know anyone in the cast. I will give it a shot, but will have to wait for my wife to come home to try it.


8pm – Stargirl – Not a premiere. It has been airing for a few weeks now. I love this show. One of the better shows in the DC universe.

9pm – Supergirl – We are heading toward the Supergirl series finale. It was much better in the beginning. It is probably time for it to wrap up. I will have to wait for my daughter to be home to watch it.


8pm – The Resident – I think this is one of the better medical shows on TV right now. It is a good ensemble cast. It doesn’t make it seem like everyone in medicine is automatically a good person, Villains are nuanced and can be redeemed. I will watch tonight to see how they write Emily VanCamp out of the show. The end of last season did not make it easy to have her character missing.

9pm – Our Kind of People – A new show set in Oak Bluffs, Massachussetts, the home of the rich and powerful Black elite. It focuses on a single mother who returns to town reclaim her family name. I just discovered it will only have five episodes. My wife said she wants to watch it. I’m pretty sure it is because I told her Morris Chestnut is in the show.


8pm – The Voice – One of the reasons we gave up on The Voice was that it was such a time commitment. Do we really need four hours a week?

10pm – New Amsterdam – Another medical show I like a lot. Another medical show that shows the bad side of the medical world. I like that they are willing to have many of the idealistic ideas from the star fail. I like the cast. I hope the new relationship on the show does not overwhelm the rest of the stories.

Various Other Non-Streaming Options

Impeachment: American Crime Story on FX at 10 pm – I watched the first two episodes and was bored. I don’t know if I will continue.

Deadliest Catch is on Discovery.

New episodes of Good Bones on HGTV.

New episodes of Beat Bobby Flay on Food Network.


10 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/21/21

  1. There’s not really anything of interest to me in there, which is a good thing. I sometimes Zoom stitch with friends I used to live stitch with on Tuesday nights, so I’d just as soon not have anything tempting me not to Zoom, which isn’t nearly as satisfying.

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  2. Our Kind of People. I did not now it was only five episodes. That kind of answers the question I had about the lead actress, Yaya. She’s also on Chicago Med with a major role. I was wondering if she had left CM for this.


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