Tater on TV: What’s on TV Tonight 9/20/21

The new network TV season starts tonight. That means I will start each day with a recap of what’s on TV that night. There might be a second post after that, but the focus of the blog for a week or two will be the new TV season. Here’s what is on tonight.

Please tell me what you think of the way I am doing this. Should I go by time instead of network?


8pm – Dancing With the Stars – the definiton of the word star gets looser and looser every season. I have never watched an episode.

10pm – Time100 – I’ve heard I’m not on the list, so I am boycotting.


8pm – The Neighborhood – My brother kept telling me how good this is so I finally watched a few episodes this summer. I liked it, but not enough to add it to my lineup.

8:30pm – Bob Hearts Abishola – I thought this would flop. I was wrong.

9pm – NCIS – New night for the first time, limited Mark Harmon. We will see how that goes. My wife still watches this.

10pm – NCIS: Hawaii – It’s NCIS in Hawaii! Aloha!


8pm – 911 – This started before I had my fancy new DVR and I had too many conflicts to record it. We watch the Lone Star version and like it. We would probably like this one. Maybe some day we will catch up.

9pm – The Big Leap I reviewed this show here. It is very good. You should watch it.


8pm – The Voice – We used to watch this, but then got bored with it. My daughter and I agreed that Ariana Grande joining the show tempts us to watch again. I will resist the temptation. Like AGT, I always get bored with it after the auditions.

10pm – Ordinary Joe – a new show about a guy who faces a pivotal decsion in life after college. The show shows three different lives for Joe – as a nurse, a cop, and.a rock star – based on different decisions made. It sounds interesting. I will give it a try and review it here.

Various Other Non-Streaming Options

The Muhammed Ali documentary on PBS at 8

Below Deck on Bravo at 8.

Monday Night Football – watcth the Peyton and Eli Manning version on ESPN 2. It’s fun.

Halloween Baking Championship at 9pm on Food Network.

Final Thoughts From Tater

It’s a relatively slow start to the season for me. I don’t watch any of the returning shows. Only two new shows premiere tonight and I’ve already watched one of them. Things pick up for me tomorrow. My main recommendation for tonight is The Big Leap. If you only watch one show tonight it should be that one.


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