What’s Good in Tater Town 9/19/21

I actually left the house three times this week for something more than a walk. They weren’t particularly exciting things, but it did make the week seem more eventful. Time to look for the good.

  1. Lunch from the local cafe Sunday afternoon.
  2. NFL football on TV all day Sunday.
  3. New Jeopardy episodes started this week.
  4. Ravens on MNF. They lost, but it’s good to have football back.
  5. I won in fantasy football.
  6. Weekly free coffee from Dunkin.
  7. My daughter had a dentist appointment close to home Friday so she is home for the weekend.
  8. Kentucky still won their game yesterday even though they looked bad.
  9. My son came over for dinner last night so we had the entire family here for a couple of hours.

That’s all I can remember from this week. Hope you had a good one.

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