Redemption Isn’t Just for Coupons

Updating this very old post because it has been on my mind with the news about Sirhan Sirhan being approved for parole. I wrote the post when Hinckley was approved for release and people were angry that he would ever be allowed to be released. I’m sure many people feel the same about Sirhan Sirhan. There will always be people who believe that there is no such thing as rehabilitation and redemption. We want prison to just be punishment with no release if they committed certain crimes. People released from prison have trouble getting jobs and are treated like they will always be a criminal. Then we wonder why there is such a problem with recidivism. It’s a vicious cycle,

One of the big news stories these days is that doctors are saying John Hinckley’s mental illness is in remission and that he should be released. Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity after attempting to assassinate President Reagan in 1981. The government opposes this and from posts, I’ve seen online, apparently, a good portion of America feels the same. Now, I’m not Hinckley’s doctor (or anyone’s doctor for that matter) so I can’t say for sure he is no longer exhibiting symptoms of mental illness, but I do have a problem with the idea that he should never be released. There are likely numerous people who were convicted of murder since 1981, were not mentally ill, and have since been released. Why is Hinckley different? Is it because he shot famous people? Is it because we don’t believe the mentally ill can be helped? Or is it that we overwhelmingly believe that no one should be released after these crimes and we speak up on this one because it is in the news? I think it is the latter. We don’t believe in rehabilitation and redemption(except in the case of coupons)

Some recent cases:

Large numbers of people believe Michael Vick should never be allowed to play football again because he was arrested on animal cruelty charges. They don’t care if he has changed, knows what he did was wrong, and never plans to do it again. He should be punished forever!

Large numbers of people think Ray Lewis should never have been allowed to play football because he was involved in an altercation which resulted in someone being killed(not by him) and he was stupid and ran and tried to protect his friends. It doesn’t matter that everything about his life after that indicated a complete change in the way he lived. He should be punished forever!

I also see some of this in responses to the numerous news reports about people being shot by the police. There are a large number of people who imply that the people shot deserved it for breaking the law. I blogged about that here last year about a police chase gone bad.  The feeling is that they broke the law so they no longer deserve to live.

Of course, this all changes the minute you have a loved one who gets in trouble. Or if you do something wrong. Then we are all about forgiveness and redemption.

I’m not saying Hinckley is cured. I don’t know that. I’m not a doctor, but neither are you. But it’s not really about that. It’s about people not wanting to see Hinckley given a chance at life because he shot a famous person over 30 years ago.

9 thoughts on “Redemption Isn’t Just for Coupons

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    Watching the Today Show this morning and see another “outrage” piece about one of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnappers being releaed from prison. I was about to write a new post, but re-read this one and decided it still says all I want to say on the topic. I can’t speak specifically on the kidnapper’s mental state, but I do know that if the rules say that you count the federal time as time served, you have to release them. You can’t hold someone past their sentence because of public outcry.

    I do want to ask soe questions of readers – Are there crimes for which you think people should never be allowed out of prison? If so, what are they? Do you think it is different for high profile cases? Should it be? Do we really believe in rehabilitation anymore?


  2. I am mainly for giving a shot at redemption. However, as part of COVIDmania we released a bunch of people who went on to commit similar crimes. I don’t know what the answer is. But then, we might release a convicted killer from prison, but we hold people who may have once said a stupid thing to a lifetime of cancel culture….we either forgive all who make a mistake or none

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    1. The difference there is we released people due to disease not due to good behavior or time served. And sure, some people will do their time and then go back to crime no matter what. I worked in jail for 20 years. I knew I would see some of them again. I also knew some of them were good people who made a mistake and needed a second chance

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