Holidays Ranked

Happy Labor Day! The unofficial end of summer. Bummer. Read on to see where it falls on my list.

  1. Christmas – the best time of the year. Presents, Christmas music, family, people are happier and nicer.
  2. Thanksgiving – food, family, and football. Plus it is the start of the Christmas season.
  3. 4th of July – friends, food, and fireworks. The only holiday besides the first two where I do anything special.
  4. President’s Day – this one gets a high spot on the list because of its proximity to my birthday. A guarantee if I’m working I get a three-day weekend to celebrate.
  5. Halloween – it was more fun when the kids were little, but I enjoy sitting on the porch reading while waiting for the next round of kids.
  6. Memorial Day – the unofficial start of summer. Losing its luster as the kids get older and summer isn’t quite as special.
  7. New Year’s Eve/Day – I have not gone to a NYE party in years. There is football, but it also marks the end of my favorite time of the year.
  8. Easter – another one that is better when the kids were little. It was spring break time and we had Easter egg hunts.
  9. Labor Day – end of summer and most years a day my wife decides we need to spend working around the house.
  10. Veterans Day – this was probably higher when the kids were in school and I was working. One of the few days I was off work and the kids were in school.
  11. Columbus Day – see above.
  12. MLK Day – I’m glad it exists, but it is middle of winter and I’m not likely to leave the house,

Did I forget any? How would you rank them?


8 thoughts on “Holidays Ranked

  1. My top four would be Thanksgiving (when we celebrate my birthday and always have a large family gathering), Christmas (because kids), July 4th (when we celebrate my eldest sister’s birthday), and Labor Day (when we celebrate my elder sister’s birthday). The rest are fairly unimportant. Pre-COVID, NYE was up there because I got together with a group of friends for a potluck dinner on NYE or a brunch on NYD. Now I live out in the country, so that’s not likely to resume with my participation. I appreciate that my parents managed to have each of their children close to a national holiday. Hahahahahaha.

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