Lacking Motivation

I am currently laptop-less. My laptop traveled to college with my daughter and will remain there until hers is repaired. There is no timetable for this to happen. Until then, I am stuck with only an Ipad for writing. I hate writing on the Ipad for various reasons. It makes me less motivated to even try. Tomorrow is when I will do my August in books post. I am annoyed in advance at the thought of doing it on the Ipad. If this situation lasts too long I might go on another hiatus.

I will be home alone again today. I have various household chores I plan to complete. I am looking toward those with dread. They arent hard. They are just annoying, it would be easy to just stay on the couch and do nothing. No one would be here to notice. No one will notice if I actually do the cleaning. What’s the point? Where’s the motivation?

I am caught up on all of the shows I watch alone. I need to find something to watch once hm done with stuff each day, but I also know new season of network shows are starting in three weeks. I don’t want to get invested in a show that has multiple seasons with new seasons coming soon. I don’t want to watch a show that might be canceled. I don’t want to watch a show alone only to find out my wife wants to watch. Looks like I will have more afternoons of reading with ald game shows and the Food Network in the background. That is not necessarily and bad thing.

I’m sure I will adjust. I’m still getting used to home alone time. I’m still adjusting to long-form writing on the Ipad. TV will be back soon along with my daily “what’s on tonight” posts. Today it just seems hard to get going,


8 thoughts on “Lacking Motivation

    1. Ipad is great for everything else. I use it all the time for everything but writing. I hate trying to write with it. I make too many mistakes. I have to watch to make sure autocorrect doesn’t mess me up. It’s frustrating.

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  1. Do you have a wireless/bluetooth keyboard for your iPad. I find that helps a lot with writing on it. I have autocorrect turned off.


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