Back to the Routine

We were in Cancun last week. We returned home Friday night. We had the weekend as a buffer before the return to normal.

My daughter moved back to her apartment near campus last night. She and my son start classes today. Senior year for my daughter. The first year of grad school for my son.

My wife is going to the office today and tomorrow. I will have two days of an empty house. I should probably use that time wisely. I probably won’t.

Writing will be annoying for a bit. My daughter’s laptop is broken so she took mine to school with her until hers is fixed. I will be forced to write on the iPad for at least a week. It might make me less likely to write much.

I already started off schedule. I went back to bed after the dog woke me up. I slept for an extra hour. I then read the paper and watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead before anything else. I have to walk the dog at 9 because my wife has a radio interview before she leaves for the office. She doesn’t want the possibility of the dog barking during it,

I have some outside work to do after she leaves. I might just call it a day after that.


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