What’s Good in Tater Town 8/29/21

We have returned from our trip so I am back on my normal schedule. The vacation week “what’s good” is always an easy one. Here we go.

  1. Our flight and our shuttle we had arranged to our hotel were all on schedule and we arrived with no issues.
  2. We did an all-inclusive resort so we had a week of eating and drinking whatever we wanted without thinking about the cost.
  3. Five days of the four of us together on a trip. I imagine those days numbered.
  4. It was nice having a vacation that was just to relax. No schedule. No rushing around. Just relaxing and enjoying our time there.
  5. They had activities throughout the day so someone like my son who needs to do something had something to do.
  6. He won three games and came home with two Riu visors and one Riu phone pouch as prizes.
  7. Multiple games of water volleyball.
  8. I read two books while we were away.
  9. It was a nice break before the kids start school again and I go back to the empty nest.
  10. Both airports on the way home were easy and efficient. Not my normal experience with travel.
  11. I gave myself a break day yesterday instead of immediately mowing and doing other household chores.

And now a couple of pictures


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