My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 8/20/21

It’s been a down week for me in all non-TV areas. I did get contacted by the author of a book I reviewed on here to thank me for the review. I noticed that I had views from people clicking through from his website. My blog post is linked there on his publicity page. There will be a link to that review in the book section below. Here is my week.


I had two movies from the library. One of them, Nobody, turned out not to be the Nobody I wanted. We started it anyway, didn’t like it, and stopped. I tried to watch Minari. I know it is supposed to be good. I just wasn’t in the mood to watch a Korean drama I guess, so I stopped that one as well. I did watch Zombieland 2 one morning when it was on one of the movie channels. I love the Zombieland movies. We just have so much TV these days we never decide to watch a movie instead.


I have watched a lot of TV this week. We finished the new season of Outer Banks on Netflix. The first couple of episodes I started to wonder if I was losing interest, but then it picked up and liked it as much as the first season. We have watched the first four episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I still like it, but, but it feels like it has lost something this season. We are caught up on The Republic of Sarah on CW. We watched Beat Shazam. I enjoy playing along on the Shazam app. I watched the first episode of Heels on Starz. It is about two brothers who are wrestlers with a small regional wrestling organization in Georgia. Stephen Amell is the older brother who writes the scripts for the matches and plays the heel(bad guy). Alexander Ludwig plays his younger brother who is the face(good guy). Amell’s character is a stable family guy while Ludwig is more of a loose cannon who wants to move on to a bigger stage. I thought the first episode was very good. I agree that it seems like a wrestling version of Friday Night Lights.


I finished two books and gave up on one.

Wonder Rush by Dan McKeon – you can read the review here

A Load of Hooey by Bob Odenkirk – I listened to this one while walking the dog. It is a collection of weird, humorous, short fiction. It is read by Odenkirk, David Cross, and others. It was OK. Had I not been listening I’m not sure I would have finished.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia – I gave it over 100 pages and nothing much happened. A lot of atmosphere and a feel for the oddness of the house. Not much else. Characters seemed flat. Story was slow. I couldn’t do it.

On Deck

I will be relocating to a remote location after the weekend for a short break. I hope for a lot of reading and not much else. If all goes as planned. my last regular post until 8/29 will come on Sunday.


7 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 8/20/21

  1. I’ve been on the fence about Mexican Gothic. Some people seem to love it, and others have your response. I’ll remain on the fence until I can find a way to listen to it via library loan,

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