When You Can’t Find the Words

I’ve had a post idea in my mind now for over a week. I know I need to write it just to move past it. I’ve had grouble getting the idea from head to screen for various reasons.

First, I didn’t write it because it kinda sorta is about Covid and I really didn’t want to write anything related to that. It stresses me out. It creates anxiety I don’t need. It opens me up to possible arguments in the comments. Then. I saw something non-Covid that related to the post and had the fleeting thought that I could use that instead, but I didn’t write it down and now it is gone. Then came the multiple days of sleep issues and the fatigue that came from that. Writing anything was tough. Writing on this topic was even harder. I need to start taking naps.

Yesterday, I decided that I would try to write it in the afternoon when I felt a little more awake. Even if I never post it, at least I would get it out of my head. I struggled through a paragraph and then my wife came downstairs to make her lunch. She was also still in a telephone meeting, so she had the phone on speaker. So, while I was struggling to get the words out, I now had the backdrop of a loud telephone call and her banging around the kitchen. This did not help with getting the words out. I should probably write in another room, but one thing I know from having a private office at work is that I’m even worse at concentrating when I am in a room alone with no background noise at all. I just need the right background noise. For me that is music or the dull roar of random TV shows in the background.

I still have not written anything on the topic in my head. Maybe I will try again this afternoon.

If everything goes right, I will be taking a break from the blog next week. I think I need it.


4 thoughts on “When You Can’t Find the Words

  1. Sounds like you could benefit from morning pages, not just to find your words, but to also explore what’s going on inside when you feel down. Wishing you all the best in your journey, and this for sharing this!

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