Wonder Rush by Dan McKeon: A Review

Welcome to another pop up review brought to you by Netgalley giving me a book.

Wendy Lockhart is a teenager. Wendy Lockhart is also an assassin. Wendy is her 24th identity. She changes identities after each mission. As Wendy she has a best friend she actually likes and a foster brother she cares about. Unfortunately, her time as Wendy is coming to an end and she will move on to her next mission.

On that mission, Wendy discovers that the agency might not be what she thought it was and her targets might not be the bad guys she was told they were. As she discover the truth about the agency she decides she needs to take it down.

I loved this book. Wendy is an interesting character who you can’t help but love. The idea behind the agency is interesting and compelling. The storytelling is excellent. The author connects the dots in a variety of flashbacks that slowly fills the reader in on vital information. The side characters are great. Some inherently good, some inherently evil, and some a pleasant shade of grey. The story wraps up well, but the final sentence of the book leaves an opening for more.

A great book for teens and adults. Fans of the Gallagher girls series will especially love this. Highly recommend.


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