My Week in Books. Movies, and TV 8/13/21

Before I get started on my recap of the week, I have another milestone to report. Yesterday, I hit the most views ever in a calendar year with over four months left to go. Thanks for reading! Now, on to my week.


I almost had another week without watching a movie. I didn’t purposely sit down to watch a movie. I did, however, end up watching Footloose again when I was up early on Sunday morning and waiting for my wife to get ready for church. I watched part of the movie in the morning when I found it on one of our new movie channels and then watched the rest when it was on again in the afternoon. I still love the movie and the music.


I missed having random Olympic events on during the day. It was a nice background to whatever I was doing. Now, I’m back to struggling to find something on that doesn’t stress me out. I should probably just switch to music.

My daughter was back at her apartment last weekend so my wife and I finally finished up the recent season of SEAL Team. I’m still irritated with CBS for moving it to streaming next season. I won’t pay for their service to watch it so I guess I’m done with the show.

I’m still current with Ted Lasso.

I watched the final season of Shameless since I now have Showtime. I will miss the show but it was probably time for it to end. I’m disappointed that they didn’t find a way to bring Fiona back for an episode. It seems wrong to finish the show without her. I’m glad they ended it with a possible positive outlook for some of the family.

We started watching the new season of Outer Banks. I still like it, but not as much as season one.


I finished one book this week.

The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig – This is a hard one to do a synopsis for wthout giving too much away. Nate, Maddie, and Oliver move back to Nate’s hometown and childhood home. There is a nearby park that is believed to be haunted and where a serial killer killed several girls. Oliver makes a new friend who is strange and delves in dark magic. Strange things start to happen and they are caught in a battle between good and evil. This was a very good book. I’ve always liked Wendig, but his last two are the best he’s written. It’s not a quick book. It is over 500 pages long, but it is worth the time investment. One of the few recent books I’ve given 5 stars.

On Deck

I have Minari and Nobody on DVD. Stargirl and Brooklyn Nine Nine were on this week. I will attempt to get my family to take a break from Outer Banks to watch them. I need to find a new show to watch alone. I am currently reading Wonder Rush by Dan McKeon.


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