Jeopardy Twist!

In a bombshell twist, Mayim Bialik will split ‘Jeopardy! host duties with exec producer Mike Richards — get details
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In a twist in the Jeopardy host search it has been announced that Mike Richards will host the regular syndicated show and Mayim Bialik will host prime time and spinoff specials.

So, they aren’t REALLY sharing duties. Richards will be the host of Jeopardy as we know it and they will use Bialik’s star power for ratings in the specials.

I liked Richards. I didn’t like Bialik that much. Mainly because of her weird habit of giggling after answers that weren’t funny.

I’m sure people will still be “outraged” over the decision.


8 thoughts on “Jeopardy Twist!

  1. I didn’t like how she was suddenly doing commercials for one of the brain “supplement” products right when her Jeopardy host stint began. Felt like she was cashing in on her stint. Not classy. Not a fan. But I am looking forward to Mike Richards, and I am ready to be done with the line of guest hosts.

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