Celebrating National Lazy Day Today

My wife leaves today for three days in West Virginia for work. My daughter will be at work for four hours or so in the middle of the day. My plan was to walk the dog and then do some house cleaning. I keep saying I need people to leave the house again so can get stuff done without worrying about other people being around and in the way. Now that day has come and I just need a lazy day instead. Lucky for me, today is apparently National Lazy Day. I feel like it would be disrespectful for me to do anything today.

So my new plan for the day:

Take the dog for a walk because I also like walks.

Scan the TV guide to see if there is a movie on I want to watch.

If not, watch a couple of episodes of Shameless.

Maybe read a chapter or two if I have time after that but before my daughter is home again.

Watch old episodes of Amazing Race with my daughter in the afternoon.

Watch Jeopardy.

Watch America’s Got Talent.

Watch College Bowl.

Go to sleep.

That seems like a long list. I hope I can manage to do it all without exhausting myself.


6 thoughts on “Celebrating National Lazy Day Today

  1. A rather ambitious plan of laziness, but with minimal effort, you should be able to laze your way through a few items on the list. I had already decided that this would be a day for doing nothing, so I’m delighted to know that it fits in with the day.

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