What’s Good in Tater Town 8/8/21

Another rather uneventful week. Trying not to let the news get me too down. So, let’s try to find the good.

  1. Our Verizon upgrade is complete so I shouldn’t have to deal with their customer service people any time soon.
  2. We have a very fast internet speed and more premium TV channels.
  3. After finally dropping our landline, we are paying less a month for the above than we were for slower internet and less TV.
  4. No more constant spam calls during the day.
  5. Another decent weather week and some much-needed rain yesterday.
  6. Food truck night Thursday night and dinner with both kids.
  7. I got the mowing done yesterday right before the rain started.
  8. I love volleyball so it was fun watching the women’s beach and floor volleyball teams win gold this week.
  9. Our issues with AT&T might finally be resolved.

That’s all I can remember for the week. I good your week was a good one,

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