I’m Losing the Olympics

The Olympics have officially defeated me. I’m so tired today I’m finding it hard to get started on anything. We’ve been watching the Olympics every night since they started. In the beginning,

I was able to stay awake for a good portion of the swimming and gymnastics that aired at night. Unfortunately, I was still awake at 5:30am every day because of my dog. That meant at best five and a half hours of sleep each night. I don’t need a full eight hours of sleep to function, but I need more than that.

This week, i have still tried to stay awake for the later events but I have instead been asleep on the couch. I eventually wake up and go to bed, but then it takes me a few minutes to get back to sleep. So, I’m getting a little more sleep, but it is interrupted sleep. I’m still up around 5:30am every day with the dog. Tonight, the gold medal match of women’s beach volleyball starts late so I will be fighting to stat awake again..

All of this combined with my increase in general anxiety and depression due to a return to the bad news of the pandemic have left me completely exhausted. I’m ready for the end of the games so I can go to bed at a reasonable time again without feeling like I’m missing something.


4 thoughts on “I’m Losing the Olympics

    1. I’ve been trying to watch track and field. I like track and there are several Kentucky people racing. Luckily I was able to start awake for Sydney McLaughlin’s gold. Tonight at 10 is the gold for women’s beach volleyball. I’ve watched April and Alix consistently and want to watch them win the gold.

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  1. I was watching online during the day, but I’m not as interested now that swimming and gymnastics are over. A few nights I watched NBC, but I found it easier to watch on my laptop and skip through to exactly what I wanted to watch.

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