My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 7/23/21

Before I get started with the weekly recap I feel I should mention that TimeHop tells me this is now the 13th anniversary of The World’s Common Tater. I guess WordPress no longer does notifications for things like that. So, happy Blogiversary to me! Now on to the recap.

Edit: I did get the notification from WordPress


Saturday night my daughter said she wanted to watch a rom com so we searched Netflix to see what we could find. I forgot that I had recorded Sweet Home Alabama when it was on TV because my family in Kentucky could not believe I have never watched it. We ended up watching The Whole Nine Yards instead of a rom com. This is the old Matthew Perry/Bruce Willis movie. Perry plays a dentist in Canada who is struggling with debt left him by his partner and father in law. Willis is a hit man who moves to Canada after testifying against a mob boss. Perry’s wife convinces him to go to Chicago to tell the mob where Willis is. It is a good movie to watch if you are a fan of Perry and Willis. It’s funny and plays to the strengths of both of them. My daughter also enjoyed it.


This week had several finales. All American ended the season with at least two characters in danger. Flash ended with an optimistic note of a renewal of vows. Crime Scene Kitchen ended with one of the teams I liked winning the competition. We finished watching season two of Amazing Race. I discovered while googlng one team I liked that they went on to be the founders of TOMS and Aviator Nation. We moved on to Survivor: Blood vs Water. I remember when they first announced a season where returning players would play against their loved ones. I thought it was doomed to fail but it ended up being a very good season. I watched the second season of Never Have I Ever on Netflix. I think this season was even better than season one.


I finished two books this week

Bath Haus by PJ Vernon – Oliver is a recovering addict from Indiana. He finally has what he has always wanted: sobriety and a loving, wealthy partner. That all starts to fall apart when Oliver makes the decision to visit Haus, a gay bathhouse in DC< while Nathan is away. Oliver follows a stranger into a private room where he barely escapes with his life. In an effort to hide the truth from Nathan, he lies about how he got the bruises on his neck. Things escalate and are soon out of Oliver’s control. It took me way too long to finish this book. Once I made myself start reading again I got through it pretty quick. It is the type of book I would usually like. It’s possible my mood had something to do with my reading slump, but I also hated every person in the book. None of them had any redeeming qualities. I need to like someone in the story. I didn’t here.

Ghetto Clown by John Leguizamo – A graphic novel account of his life in show business. I like Leguizamo and enjoyed reading about his early life as an actor and his writing and performing one man shows based on his life. The art is very good. I would recommend it to people who like memoirs.

On Deck

My daughter saw The Little Princess DVD on the shelf while helping someone at the library and brought it home to watch. Apparently, we are watching it Sunday night. She loved it when she was a kid and wants to watch it again. She will be back at her apartment for a couple of days this week so my wife and I will catch up on some od the shows we watch without her. My wife will always pick Kung Fu to watch. I always go with Walker. We will spend a lot of time watching the Olympics. I am reading Suburban Dicks by Fabian Nicieza.


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  1. The Whole Nine Yards is one of my favorite movies. I thought Matthew Perry was great in it. I also thought Amanda Peet was hilarious.

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