The Funk Continues

I have had my laptop open for an hour. I’ve started and trashed several posts. I can’t seem to get the words out. I am only reading it fits and starts. It could be the book. It could be me. It could be both. I can’t settle my mind enough to do more than barely pay attention to a TV show or play a game a game on my iPad. Nothing major or tragic has happened in my life, but little things have built up to the point where they continue to occupy my mind.

I mentioned how my week started with a dead groundhog. I disposed of that Monday morning.

We have been dealing with pavement ants and finally had someone come Friday to deal spray to take are of that. While he was here he confirmed that other spots in the yard are likely due to moles. I have someone coming today to tell us how much they will charge to get rid of them without poison. I’m more stressed out about the ants and oles than I should be.

I still have no idea if my passport will make it here before the trip my wife planned to Cancun. I have told her to go without me if it doesn’t arrive. I don’t want her an the kids to give up the trip because I didn’t renew my passport when it expired, but I will also be very depressed if they go without me.

I tried to grill last night and the grill didn’t stay lit. It seems to gas is out, but we haven’t used it enough for that to hae happened so we likely have a leak.

I love the Olympics, but all of the coverage is tainted by Covid stories. I think it will be hard to watch this year.

I need a break from the “must keep busy” mentality.

I need to stop telling myself that no one cares.

The funk contnues.

8 thoughts on “The Funk Continues

  1. Sometimes the funk has no big cause. All those little things combine to give cause. Hang on! I hope your passport gets there in time. You really need a major travel break with no purpose for you but to enjoy a different place and explore it.

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  2. People care! But I understand being in a funk, and I know, no matter what anyone says, you’re going to feel bad. Just keep getting out of bed in the morning. Keep putting one foot in front of the other

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