How Do You Write When You Don’t Feel Right?

This has been a hard week. I have managed to post something every day. It hasn’t been easy and the posts were generally short and didn’t take a lot of effort. This is the time when I wish I had saved up some of the book tag type posts so I have a guide for a post that takes less effort on my part. I’m glad that tomorrow is my day for my recap of my week in viewing and reading. It is a template and will be easier than something brand new.

I know I could just not post, but I avoid that for two reasons”

  1. Writing helps with my mental health and posting on the blog is easier for me than other types of writing.
  2. One day off for me can easily turn into multiple days off which can easily turn into me never posting again.

So, I need to figure out how to write when I don’t feel right. Some of my ideas:

  • Write about how I feel – I’ve done this, but I don’t want to make this a blog about my mental health
  • Book reviews – I did one of those this week. Instead of waiting for my regular recap posts, I could write book reviews as a regular, random feature
  • TV reviews – I’ve done some of these, but have not done it regularly. When I’m in a down mood I watch more TV. Why not write about it?
  • Current events – I still read the paper and watch the news every day. I could do more thoughts on things like the cheerleader case

Hopefully, it will be a while before I have another week like this one but I still might add some of these in even in good weeks. It will make it easier for me to keep this blog going when not much is happening in Tater Town.

9 thoughts on “How Do You Write When You Don’t Feel Right?

  1. I’m sorry your week has been hard. Gentle hugs. I do like the idea of having the book reviews be an added feature on the blog.

    And, if it helps, I get that way too. I know I should write more but so often I either don’t feel right or know what to write, so the blog gets stagnant. Reading your, and others, words help me think.

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