The Dog Days of Summer

Breaking news – it is summer and it is hot.

It’s too hot to take the dog for a walk unless I do it early in the morning.

It’s too hot to consider doing any outside work.

It’s too hot to consider doing much of anything.

I remember when I looked forward to summer. Summer was a break from regular life. No school. No responsibility. Now, with the exception of my daughter being home and our trip to Kentucky, summer is just more of the same with extreme heat.

I don’t have a pool. I don’t go to the pool. We don’t spend weekends at the beach. Most of our summer days are the same as days the rest of the year just with more daylight and more heat.

I’ve reached the point where I am looking forward to fall. Cooler temperatures. More pleasant walking conditions. Anticipation of the holidays. Football. Earlier dark giving me an excuse to stop and relax earlier.

Summer has lost a lot of its appeal to me. Once our trip to Kentucky is over I’m ready to get to fall.

8 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer

    1. All of my initial trips to NYC were full weeks in July. The walk from the bus station to my hotel were miserable but the heat was offset by being in the city. I’m sure it’s different if you live there.

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