The OC by DP Lyle: A Review

I received this book from NetGalley. I have had a NetGalley account for a while, but I have never used it until now. I requested a couple of books and then decided to try one of the “read now” titles to have something to read and to show good intent in writing reviews. Moving forward, as I finish NetGalley books I will do a stand alone review rather than just lump them in with my Friday post or my “month in books” posts. I will break all of the “blogging rules” by posting these at random at whatever time and day I finish the book so it is fresh on my mind. Now, on to the review:

The OC is the fifth book in the Jake Longly series. I usually don’t like to read a series out of order, but this book piqued my interest so I picked it to read. The author fills in the backstory enough that the book can stand on its own. Jake’s major league baseball career was cut short by injury and he now owns a restaurant on the Gulf shore of Alabama. In the OC, Jake and his girlfriend Nicole head to California for the filming of Nicole’s screenplay. When they arrive in the OC they discover that Nicole’s friend Megan, a local TV reporter, has an anonymous stalker. Megan doesn’t seem too concerned, but her intern and now Jake and Nicole decide she needs to take it more seriously. They call their friend Pancake who works with Jake’s dad as a private investigator to help track down the stalker.

Lyle has a nice, breezy writing style that is perfect for a vacation/beach read. The characters are fun with plenty of witty repartees. The light breezy feel does not take away from the seriousness of being stalked. The stakes are high and the crime is taken seriously. The answers are found through actual investigative work which is always nice. I did anticipate who the culprit was but it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book. My only quibble with the book is that I felt it was unnecessary to constantly mention how much Pancake eats. Otherwise, I enjoyed it and finished it in two days.

I think it would be a good read for fans of Janet Evanovich and Stuart Woods.

3 thoughts on “The OC by DP Lyle: A Review

  1. I like this idea of writing reviews spontaneously! I haven’t heard of this series, so I’ll check out the first book. Good review!

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