What’s Good in Tater Town 7/11/21

It turns out the first week back from Kentucky is hard even when I don’t have to go back to The Bad Place. It is sad to go from days full of family back to regular life. Let’s look at the good from the week.

  1. My TV and Internet service was restored on the afternoon of the 4th.
  2. My neighbors did a good fireworks display so I got a show without leaving my house.
  3. The whole FIOS debacle at least led to us upgrading our service. Our Internet speeds are really low right now and that will change.
  4. I replaced the part of my trimmer. The part was only $4. Much better than replacing the entire thing.
  5. Surprise BOGO from Chipotle.
  6. A trip to the library also meant seeing more friends I had not seen in a while.
  7. Elsa shifted to the east and we only got some showers and little wind.
  8. In person book club Friday night.
  9. We have replaced the TV that was fried during the storm with a smaller, but better TV.

That is all I can remember. Looking ahead it seems another uneventful week is looming. I am going to try to make note of goods as they happen.

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