What’s Good in Tater Town 7/4/21

Writing this on my phone since the problem with Verizon is more complicated than originally thought. Someone is coming today to hopefully fix it. I’m sure there will be plenty of typos in today’s what’s good list. Time to move past the issues and look at the good.

  1. We just spent a week visiting family in Kentucky.
  2. The trip meant I got 9 days with both kids.
  3. Plenty of relaxing time in the pool.
  4. Fun with games with the family(pool volleyball, cornhole, CatchPhrase)
  5. Generally good weather for all but one day of the trip.
  6. I was able to not panic when I had to flip my kayak to avoid hitting a tree.
  7. Dinner out at our two favorite restaurants in Bowling Green.
  8. Burgers from Freddy’s.
  9. Milkshakes from the Frosty Freeze in Franklin.
  10. A break from the real world.

It was a good trip followed by a rude welcome back to the real world. Even after leaving the bad place I’m sad about coming back from family vacation. I will need to really focus on the good this week.

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