Fun With DNA

My kids asked for a DNA test thing for Christmas a few years ago. They only cared about the part that says where the family is from so they ignore the emails about matches with other people. This morning my son told me he received an email from someone saying they share a lot of DNA and that his grandfather has our last name, I asked my son about other matches he’s received. One of them has my mother’s maiden name as his last name and matched close enough to my son that it said they would be second cousins or first cousins once removed.

It is a rainy, boring day here for our last day out of town so I spent some time researching. After one of my cousins mentioned that my mom’s dad had been married before(I did not know this) I looked for his obituary to find the names of the other kids.

I did not find his, but I found one for his son, the half brother I didn’t know my mom had. The person from the DNA match is the son of my mom’s half brother so he is my cousin. He has a sister, so I have two cousins from a half uncle I never knew about.

I found the cousin on Facebook. I’m contemplating sending him a message.


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