The Day Before

I guess there will be at last one more post before my hiatus. I’m still home for one more day. Today is the day before travel day. For me, this is the worst day if no airports are involved(airport stress makes travel day the worst).

It would be nice to think that a drive to Kentucky would be as easy as packing, loading the car, and leaving. It would be nice, but that is not the case. Here is what today will entail:


mowing the lawn so I won’t need a tractor to do it when I return – complicated by rain yesterday

A trip to the library for my daughter to stock up on books to pack

excessive cleaning of the house since people will be here to take care of the cats

other random tasks my wife will come up with throughout the day

Tomorrow will be easy. Wake up. I wait forever for everyone else to be ready to go. Pack the car. Drop the dog at boarding. Drive.

I’m ready for tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “The Day Before

  1. Well, this morning husband cleaned the garage, I made a key lime pie (beating for 20 minutes), washed the pug, arranged cookies in a tin, cleaned kitchen, checked on student’s emails and questions, and now we wait for the stepdaughter and grandchildren and her husband to arrive…all 7 of them around 2 or maybe 3 pm. While I am happy to see them, I anticipate waiting will be hard and chores for both of us will come along the way including suggestions for tomorrow.

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      1. I understand as getting ready to leave is always stressful. My husband’s remedy is when I ask him , “Are you nervous?” No, I know a solution will present itself…so we will figure out what to do with 4 teenage girls and a boy, age 3. Enjoy the day after tomorrow.

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  2. It’s always a scramble getting out of town. When we are going on a trip by car, the last thing I do is pack a cooler for us with snacks and sandwiches. For some reason I get stressed making the sammies. Probably because I know I’m running out of time to get it all done.

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