Free Speech and the Cheerleader – An Update

Should schools be able to punish kids for things they say/post online?
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I posted in May about the Supreme Court case involving a cheerleader being punished for something she posted on SnapChat off school grounds and not during school hours. The court decided for the cheerleader 8-1. I think this is good news even though they basically said schools can still use Tinker to restrict free speech so we will likely see more of these cases pop up.


4 thoughts on “Free Speech and the Cheerleader – An Update

  1. A student recently spoke out against signs of BLM in the hallways of her school. I am not sure of the location-it may have been Florida. I admire the 9 year old who did this as politics has no place in the classroom or schools. The mother said, “We should not be drawing attention to people’s skin color anyway. We treat everyone equally.” The shame of the matter was the school board had agreed with this but they broke the agreement by allowing the posting.

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  2. I like the decision the Supreme Court made today. I believe that speech outside the school environment is not the school’s business unless it’s dangerous like threats to bomb the school or harm another student.

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