The Birds

I have had several incidents with birds this week.

One afternoon a bird randomly hit our sliding glass doors. It got up and flew to the deck railing and left after recovering.

Thursday morning I went to my car to find it and my driveway had been bombed by multiple birds. When I returned home I washed the car and sprayed down the driveway.

Thursday afternoon another bird was at the sliding glass doors, but walking along them pecking like it was testing the integrity of the glass.

Friday morning I discovered my car and driveway had been hit again.

Friday afternoon I found a dead baby bird in my driveway. Did did they sacrifice one of their own to send me a message?

I feel like I’m at the beginning of a Hitchcock movie.

7 thoughts on “The Birds

      1. Eh…we’ve had bad luck. A cat ran out in front of us last month at the last minute and couldn’t do anything about it, yesterday, my love hit mommy raccoon. Animals haven’t been smart lately.

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  1. Just be wary if they start to roost on your roof and stare at you. That’s a sign that you’ve now entered a Hitchcock movie scenario.

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