Some Thoughts on Religion

Every day in the news and on Twitter see people talking about the Southern Baptist Convention and all of the bad stuff that has been allowed to happen within the denomination. I’ve seen stories of people from the church calling a woman who reported abuse a whore and an enemy of Christ. A large number of people within the church seem to be all in on the status quo and electing a leader aligned with the far right. I wish this surprised me, but given what I see online from religious people, sadly, it doesn’t.

Some of the things I see posted from people I know from religious organizations include:

Anti Black Lives Matter posts

Insults and ridicule directed at the transgender community.

Anti-immigrant posts

Reacting to mass shootings with pro-gun rhetoric

Anti gay marriage posts

Anti LGBTQ+ posts in general

Posts declaring Islam should be illegal – this was my response to that – The Slippery Slope

Anti refugee posts, including a comment basically saying they hoped my daughter was raped by a refugee to teach me a lesson

General hate and disdain for people who are not like them

It makes me sad and makes me wonder how we came from the same place and ended up in such different places.

How can you say you belong to a church that should be about love and hate people who are not like you?

How can you call a woman a whore when she reports sexual abuse in the church?

The problem is we stopped following Christ and started following religious leaders and politicians. We have exchanged the Gospel for political rhetoric. We have sacrificed our souls for political clout. It’s no wonder the number of people who attend church continues to decline.


10 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Religion

  1. I continue to be appalled but not surprised by supposedly religious people who seem to have forgotten the basis of their religion. Unfortunately, it’s not really new, just made impossible not to see by social media and the constant barrage of news. I was disillusioned very early in my post-adolescent life by my own church. The fault lay with the minister, who fomented division in order to avoid being transferred (or forced to retire; he was that old). But I saw people I had known all my life turn very nasty toward my parents. Supposed friends. I haven’t regretted saying goodbye to organized religion. I still have the ethical foundation I received growing up in the church, and I don’t need to belong to any one church or denomination to retain it.

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    1. I’ve had friends from my last religious life unfriend me on Facebook after posts that weren’t “religious” enough. I still personally value the communal aspect of church. I just need one that is focused on the right things

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  2. I agree with what you wrote. I converted to Catholicism in my 30s from being a Presbyterian. Both have had their scandals, the Catholic Church the worst. My favorite priest told me “Don’t confuse man’s laws and actions with Jesus Christ’s.” I think that’s a good think to remember. Man is flawed.

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