My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 6/11/21

A fairly uneventful week when it comes to my reading and viewing. Here is my week.


We watched Without Remorse on Prime. It is based on the Tom Clancy book and stars Michael B Jordan as John Kelly. It was a good action movie. I like Michael B Jordan. I’m not sure why they felt the need to completely change the story. The death of his wife and unborn child is changed. One character is completely gone. The people he is fighting are completely different. The only thing that really matches the book is his military background, his name, and where he is at the end. I just don’t see the point of adapting a book but changing the entire story. Just make a new action movie with Jordan if you don’t like the plot of the book.


We did watch a lot of TV this week. We caught up on Supergirl. It is another of the DC shows that went off the rails before it ended. The plotline this season is just ridiculous. We watched the rest of the episodes of All Rise. We liked this show a lot and now it is canceled. We felt like the last show was OK as an unexpected series finale. I watched the finale of A Million Little Things. This season has not been great. I only enjoy the scenes with Gary and Maggie. I’m glad it wasn’t canceled now that I’ve watched the last scene.

The main thing we watched this week was The Circle on Netflix. My daughter was watching this at night after I declared I was too tired to watch anything else. It is a reality show where the contestants live in apartments and only talk to the other contestants via The Circle, never in person. Some of the contestants are real people. Some of the contestants are catfish and not who they say they are. Players are eliminated periodically. New players are added. At the end, players rank the finalists and the winner gets $100000. I was in the room when she started season 2 and I was sucked in. I got invested in certain players and disliked others. It stopped being the show she watched when I was tired and became the show we made a point to watch every night. We were even happy with the winner which is rare for us and reality shows.


I finished one book this week.

The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follett – This is a prequel to Pillars of the Earth. The story revolves around three characters: Edgar, a young boat builder whose life changes when his village is attacked by Vikings, Aldred, a young monk who wants to transform his abbey into a center for learning, and Ragna, a French noblewoman who moves to England to marry a local ealdorman. The ealdorman and his brothers wield power over the area and allow corruption to run rampant. Edgar and Aldred run afoul of the corrupt leaders and Ragna realizes the ways of her husband and his family are not noble at all. It is a very long book. I think it is worth all 900 pages. I loved Pillars of the Earth and I enjoyed the story of how Knightsbridge was started. I didn’t feel like the length was due to a lot of filler or unnecessary details.

On Deck

I hope to watch In the Heights this weekend. This is complicated by the fact that my daughter plans to watch it with a friend today and I’m not sure my wife wants to see it. I wrote earlier this week about The Today Show and I’m interested to see how Savannah Guhtrie does as Jeopardy host next week. I hope to watch the first episode of Loki soon. I am reading Legendborn by Tracy Deonn.

12 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 6/11/21

      1. In the book his wife was already dead. He picks up a woman hitchhiking . They fall in love and he learns she was a runaway who became a drug mule and prostitute. The gang she escaped from see them, injures him and captures and torture and kills her. He goes on a private war against the gang.

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  1. Last night we watched a show about tiny houses. It was pretty interesting. They also explored Tampa Bay which is where we live, so we recognized all the places which made it very interesting. I don’t think I could live in a house 200-450 sq. ft. Maybe 500 sq. ft. if it was on the beach!

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      1. Yes, for two people, tight spot or they must get along very well. I am amazed but maybe because it is for show. Who knows..but the series about tiny houses is pretty interesting.

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