Dream Analysis Time

A second, bonus post today. I had a dream last night I wanted to discuss b01ut also didn’t want to get off schedule with my weekly post about what I watched and read. So, t got that one out and now I will talk about my dream last night.

In the dream, I was part of a group of friends. The first part of the dream took place in a very busy restaurant. It was obvious that the four friends who were not me were famous as they were getting a lot of attention from everyone. Meanwhile, I was off to the side and completely ignored. I couldn’t even get the wait staff to take my order. The friends resembled the guys from Impractical Jokers. I might watch that show a little too much and I’ve always thought that I have friends who could have done a show like that. They tried to get me to sit with them so I could get service, but I was mad and refused. I was mad that I was being ignored and no interest in getting pity attention from them.

We then moved from the restaurant to a place where these friends apparently did a radio show. One of the four of them was moving on to something else and it seemed they thought they still needed four people for the show to work. So now they turn to the friend who was excluded from the show at the beginning – me. They knew they needed me on the show but still seemed ambivalent about me actually joining the show. It was obvious they didn’t think I was right for it. I woke up before the final decision was made, but in the dream, I wanted to join the show but was also annoyed that they only wanted me now because they were desperate and now because they actually wanted me to be a part of their group.

It is the first dream in a while that has stuck with me after I was awake. Am I feeling excluded? Do I feel like no one believes in me? Do I feel like people only notice me when they need something? Was it just a dream and am reading too much into it?



7 thoughts on “Dream Analysis Time

  1. You know I’ll tell you there is no over thinking. Based on the five seconds of research I just did, my guess it’s about a feeling of I adequacy, and maybe something to do with job you’re well qualified for but “they” don’t think so. As you recently talked about that maybe it’s on your mind

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