Let It Go Indeed

I wrote recently about how I needed to let go of my feelings about my old job. I know I will never be able to completely let go. I can get most of my books and movies from my local library, but I know on occasion I will have to go there to get something. I have chosen to change my pickup location to my old branch to avoid certain people. I unfollowed them on social media but I still have friends who work there who might share their posts. And sometimes I will get a random email reminder of how the system didn’t respect my skills and experience. That happened last night.

I have email alerts set up on Indeed to get postings of library jobs. I set it up a while back and have not turned it off. Even though I say I don’t want to go back to the library world I know there is a chance I will eventually realize the only job I will get when I go back to work is in a library. Last night Indeed emailed me about a job because I had “matching qualifications” That job was at my old place of work. That job was a promotion I applied for two years ago(maybe?) when I still worked there. Here’s a look at me while reading said email

Several people from the system applied for this job when it was first posted a long time ago. Every one of us was rejected. It was a branch manager job. I was an assistant manager. I had run my own, small, jail branch for 19 years. I had over 20 years experience. I used to work at the branch that needed a manager. I was told that wasn’t enough. I was told that this is not a “starter branch” for a new manager. They needed someone much better than me for such a special place. They also added in some bullshit about how I didn’t answer one question the way they wanted. They also made some comments about me that seemed insulting. The HR person called me the next day because she said she could see that at one point in the talk I shut down and ended the meeting as quickly as possible. They were correct. As soon as they implied that my employees would not have good things to say about me(without actually talking to my employees) I was done. I was done with the meeting. I was done with the organization. I just took me a while to finally be really done with them. Looking back now, I wonder if the toxic boss said bad things about me that led to them thinking my employees didn’t like me. Maybe my employees didn’t like me and I was oblivious.

Anyway, they rejected all of us and posted the job again. Again, apparently, no one was god enough. It has been posted multiple times and they still have hired no one. I guess they are trying again. Indeed thinks I am a good fit for the job. I think that is hilarious.


8 thoughts on “Let It Go Indeed

  1. Look how far you’ve come – laughing at how badly they behaved at the time, and how idiotic the current situation is. Clearly you’re enjoying the pat on the back from Indeed, and quite rightly so. Enjoy the laughter, enjoy knowing you were a great candidate. I’m sure the bitch that is karma will be on a train heading towards your toxic boss one fine day.

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  2. Indeed! You are a great match! Too bad they just didn’t recognize that. Maybe you should cut ties with Indeed until you’re at the point that you want to return to working for the man but haven’t found a nonlibrary position.

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