A Short Tuesday Adventure

Most days I still don’t leave my neighborhood. I only leave the house to walk the dog. When I do venture out it is for boring stuff like the grocery store or library. Its a very exciting life. Yesterday, we did leave the house for something a little different.

My son just bought a condo and closing was yesterday. My wife wanted to see the place and yesterday was the best day to do it, so a few hours after he closed and got the keys we drove down to take a look.

First, though, my wife and daughter wanted to stop to shop on the way down. We left the house early enough foe them to shop for an hour before we had to head toward the condo. Luckily for me, a storm came through and cooled things off. That meant I could sit comfortably in the car with the windows down and read while they shopped.

After an hour od reading in the car we finally got on our way to the condo. We saw the condo. We walked around he neighborhood. We got samosas at the market next door. I was disappointed that the library down the street was still not open for walk in traffic. I wanted to take a look. He is within east walking distance to a small market, a Chinese food place, the community center, the library, and a pool. A 10 minute walk gets him to the center of the small town. Next door to him I found the solution to my hair problems

After we left him, we drove to Wheaton because a Jollibee opened there recently. Jollibee is a Filipino fast food restaurant. We ate there when we were in Manila and my wife loved it. She was excited that one was coming to Maryland. It was pretty close to where we were so we drove over to get food. They still don’t allow dine in so we had to eat it in the car, but it was a nice change to our normal food options.

That was followed by a quick stop on campus for my daughter to drop a book in the library book drop and then back home.

It was nice to do and see different things. I need to find more reasons to leave my neighborhood and see new things.

12 thoughts on “A Short Tuesday Adventure

  1. I got out today and one short trip to buy new summer clothing morphed into a summer haircut off in another place, grocery shopping for taco ingredients for tomorrow and an interesting chat with a former co-worker. I have to say I enjoyed the day! Our city is like your city. Each section is so different and unique. The grandchildren (4 girls) are coming to visit which should be interesting end of the month and we have a new grandson.

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