The Today Show

I am trying to function on about five hours of sleep and had no idea if I would have something to write. Luckily for me, The Today Show gave me a topic. Apparently today is Savannah Guthrie’s 10 year anniversary on The Today Show. That just doesn’t seem right because it means that I am old.

I have been watching The Today Show for as long as I can remember.

I watched Willard Scott wish happy birthday to people who turned 100. I now watch Dylan Dreyer do the same.

I was watched Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel say goodbye.

I watched Anne Curry’s short tenure on the show.

I was watching live when they announced Matt Lauer was no longer with the show.

When I visited NYC for the first time I made my wife walk to the plaza to watch the show being filmed. It was a weekend, so the crowd was sparse and the weekend crew was there.

When I went back to NYC years later I went down on a weekday to do the same. That day the plaza was crowded and I saw Anne Curry, Matt Lauer, and the cast of Drake and Josh live.

My wife hates the morning talk shows, but my day does not feel complete if I have not watched part of The Today Show. I had to stop watching it when all of the Covid news was stressing me out and it felt weird not to have it on in the morning.

I have not liked all of the lineups of hosts, but I think the current group works well together. I was skeptical when Hoda went from drinking wine with Kathy Lee to co-anchor, but it works. I was skeptical of Carson Daly joining the group, but it works. The group seems to enjoy working together. They just showed pictures of all of them at Al Roker’s daughter’s wedding. The core group of Guthrie, Kotb, Craig Melvin, and Roker do a good job with the new hours. The third hour group of Melvin, Roker, Dreyer, and Sheinelle Jones are perfect together. Whoever built the current team has done a good job.

I know they could be pretending to like each other, but for me each morning it seems like a group of friends enjoying starting the day together. It’s a good way to start the day.

17 thoughts on “The Today Show

  1. I grew up watching the today show. That means Hugh Downs, Barabara Walters, and all that followed. I took a break in my 20s, then picked up again in my 30s after I got married. I stopped watching much news at all after 9/11. Now I catch it if I happen to be over at Rosie’s (across the breezeway) while it’s on. I don’t really miss it because it’s much lighter than it used to be. After about the first hour or so, it seems like just entertainment. Unless of course there’s a big news stories that they have to dwell on. But I’m not watching so I miss that.

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  2. I really liked Matt Lauer and found the stories behind why he left interesting. I liked Ann Curry. She reminded me a little of Connie Chung who I also enjoyed watching. I think morning shows have their purpose as they make us feel good with the comradery. I remember often watching a morning show when I was sick and not feeling well. I really enjoy listening to the radio morning shows.

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  3. I also had a terrible night’s sleep. I used to watch when Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel were on. I haven’t seen it since they left. Did you know that Carson Daly’s mother is Maureen Daly who wrote the famous book Seventeenth Summer when she was a teen?

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      1. They lived in my old home town. I once went to a concert in our fancy theatre and sat in Maureen Daly’s seat by accident. I was given the ticket from a friend and didn’t realize I showed up one day early. Maureen was very kind about it and let me have her seat.

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