Admitting Defeat

I just scrapped two attempted posts. One was my planned post for today. The other was a post about my lack of sleep and how I’ve had trouble remembering what day it is with all my days being the same. I was not happy with either post and scrapped them. Here is a look at me this morning

See you tomorrow with my weekly recap.


7 thoughts on “Admitting Defeat

  1. I keep thinking about your comments regarding the “Second Act” book. How you can’t relate to many of the stories because the second acts featured are all “over the top.” Me paraphrasing. I agree. So, I’ve been thinking – what “second acts” would be “relatable”? What would inspire us? I’m retired now. I write a blog. We travel in our travel trailer. We help take care of my mom. But, I’ve only just retired (3 years.) What brings joy? What gives meaning? Just thoughts to ponder. You have me thinking.

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