Tater on TV: The CW Fall Schedule is Finally Here

We finally have the final piece to the fall TV schedule. The CW announced their schedule today. Not a lot of new stuff on the fall schedule. Most new shows are held for midseason. Here is the schedule and soem thoughts.


8pm – All American

9pm – 4400

I really like All American. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the teen characters graduating from high school. A lot of shows struggle with what to do at that point.

4400 is a remake of The 4400. 4400 overlooked, undervalued, or otherwise marginalized people who vanished over the past 100 years all return at the same time and have not aged. They also have some “upgrades” and were likely brought back now for a specific reason. I will likely give it a shot.


8pm – The Flash

9pm – Riverdale

Two of the more popular shows on CW on the same night. Both are apparently starting with 5 episode “events” with Flash bringing in other Arrowverse characters for each episode. Smells like desperation to me. Neither show is anywhere near as good as they used to be.


8pm – Legends of Tomorrow

9pm – Batwoman

I love Legends of Tomorrow. It is the best of the Arrowverse shows. It’s fun and clever and never takes itself seriously. It’s great. Batwoman, on the other hand, was very boring and I quit it early on.


8pm – Walker

9pm – Legacies

Walker is a lot better than I expected. If you want it to be like the original, you probably shouldn’t watch. This Walker is a family man with a partner who is just as much a part of the show and the cases as Walker. I like it.

I have never watched Legacies. I’m surprised my daughter never watched it. It is in the Vampire Diaries universe and is a school. Seems like her wheelhouse.


8pm – Penn & Teller: Fool Us

9pm – Nancy Drew

The move to Friday seems like Nancy Drew is on the way out. The first season was good. I have not watched a lot this year, but what I did watch is a mess and leans way too far into the supernatural instead of a good old fashioned Nancy Drew mystery.


8pm – Whose Line Is It Anyway

9pm – World’s Funniest Animals

First time CW has Saturday shows. I love Whose Line and so do my kids. We always watch together. It’s a fun show. I’ve been watching since the original British version.


8pm – Legends of the Hidden Temple

9pm – Killer Camp

Legends is apparently a remake of a Nickelodeon kids game show, this time for adults.

Killer Camp is a US version of the British reality show where the contestants try to figure out which one of them is the killer before they are all “dead”


All American: Homecoming – spinning off a side character to college

Charmed – my wife and daughter watch this one.

Stargirl – My entire family loves this one

Dynasty, In the Dark, Roswell new Mexico – I watch none of these

Superman and Lois – I’m way behind, but I like what I’ve seen.

Kung Fu – We like this one a lot

Naomi – another DC show.


Black Lightning, Bulletproof, Katy Keene, Supergirl, Supernatural, and Trickster


6 thoughts on “Tater on TV: The CW Fall Schedule is Finally Here

  1. Flash lost me at Season 3 (or was it 4). It just became too much for me to follow when alternate universes were introduced. Hubby still watches it. I loved Arrow but lost track towards the end when the network, dates, and timeslots kept changing.


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