Tater on TV: The CBS Fall Schedule is Here

I am very mad at CBS. I watched SEAL Team, Clarice, and Evil. They are all moving to Paramount + next season. I am not going to pay an extra fee to watch these shows. Evil and Clarice were new so I was not invested enough for it to matter much. I have watched 4 seasons of SEAL Team and now it gets moved to a streaming service. To make it worse – CBS is airing the first four episodes of the new season on CBS before moving it to streaming. I guess they think this will get a few more people to pay for Paramount +. Not me. Here is the schedule of shows you can still watch without an extra fee.


8pm – The Neighborhood – my brother tells me it is good. I thought the premise was destined to fail so I didn’t start watching it.

8:30pm – Bob Hearts Abishola – same as above

9pm – NCIS – moved of Tuesday for the first time in 18 years so they can have an all FBI night. My wife watches this. I have never watched it.

10pm – NCIS: Hawaii – Another new NCIS, this time with a female lead. My wife will probably watch. I won’t until they do the inevitable crossover with Magnum.


8pm – FBI – I like this show. It is a standard case of the week procedural. It has a solid cast and some interesting cases.

9pm – FBI: International – a spinoff of FBI. It follows the agents of the FBI’S International Division as they travel the world helping Americans in trouble. I will give it a shot. I have not seen a cast list. That will make a big difference.

10pm – FBI: Most Wanted – FBI’s boring little sibling. The cast is terrible, The stories are not great. I guess people are watching it.


8pm – Survivor – I’m so happy to see this back on the schedule. I love this show. I’m glad they were able to film new seasons.

9pm – Tough as Nails – Phil still has a job while we wait for The Amazing Race to be able to film again. We watch this. It’s a fun competition show. Season 1 cast was more entertaining than season 2. I hope season 3 gets some fun people.

10pm – CSI: Vegas – The original CSI is back. I have never watched a CSI. I don’t think that will change.


8pm – Young Sheldon – I did not like Big Bang Theory so I had no interest in this. I did watch an episode when I was desperate for a short show I didn’t have to think through while on a long flight. It wasn’t bad, but still bears the taint of the mothership.

8:30pm – United States of Al – a decent sitcom about an Afghani interpreter who has come to America and is living with a former marine he worked with during the war. I would not have been too sad if it has been canceled, but it is pleasant enough to watch each week.

9pm – Ghosts – a young couple inherits a beautiful country house only to find it is falling apart and inhabited by many of the deceased previous residents. It sounds like it could be dumb, but I like Rose McIver so I will watch a couple of episodes to give it a shot.

9:30pm – B Positive – I am way behind on this show. I was watching with my son when he would come home for dinner but then other things would come up so we stopped. I like it but I’m surprised it made it to a second season.

10pm – Bull – I watched a few episodes and didn’t like it.


8pm – SWAT/reality series TBA – I like SWAT. I don’t like that it starts here and then moves to Sunday. Seems like the beginning of the end.

9pm – Magnum PI – I like this more than I expected to. I do wish TC and Rick were more involved in the main stories and they focused less on the possible romance between Magnum and Higgins, but it is a good show.

10pm – Blue Bloods – I’m a big fan of this one. A good family/cop show combo.


8pm – drama encores

9pm – drama encores

10pm – 48 Hours

A good night for people with no DVRs and no plans on a Saturday night


7pm – 60 Minutes – never watched it

8pm – The Equalizer – my wife likes this one more than I do. I tend to fall asleep. I used to be a big fan of Adam Goldberg, but then I unfollowed him on Twitter after he spent the entire pandemic scolding everyone who didn’t do lockdown exactly like he did. There are a couple of authors who might meet the same fate soon.

9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles – the only NCIS my wife never watched for some reason

10pm – SEAL Team/SWAT – so annoying.


Amazing Race – I it might be 2022 before they ever get to film again.

Blood and Treasure, Come Dance With Me, Good Sam, Smallwood, Undercover Boss.

Good Sam is a doctor show with Sophia Bush and Jason Isaacs. I think I will give it a shot.

Smallwood is a comedy about a man who decides to follow his dream to become a professional bowler after getting laid off from his factory job. Given it has Chi McBride and I spent a good portion of my youth in a bowling alley, I feel like I have to give this one a shot.


All Rise, MacGyver, Mom, NCIS: New Orleans and the Unicorn. Evil, SEAL Team and Clarice move to streaming so they might was well be canceled.


9 thoughts on “Tater on TV: The CBS Fall Schedule is Here

  1. I wonder if they’ll film an all US version of the Amazing Race like they did for that awful family season.


  2. For the first time in forever, our cable rates are going down. As of June 1 the new bulk rate in our building goes down by ten dollars and we now get free dvr and don’t pay rental in cable boxes plus we get 4 premium channels. Our savings will likely be 80$ a month at least. I think cable is getting crushed. I foresee a world where everyone stops cable and just individually gets channels

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