Tater on TV: The FOX Fall 2021 Schedule is Here

I was expecting the schedule to come out ahead of the 4pm upfront. It did not, so a very late post for me. I thought about waiting for tomorrow, but another schedule might be out and I don’t want to do two on top of each other. FOX canceled Prodigal Son and Last Man Standing is ending, so I am running low on FOX shows to watch. Here is the schedule with some thoughts.


8pm – 911 – We don’t watch this one. I think it started before we upgraded the DVR and had schedule issues.

pm – The Big Leap – A show about a group of diverse underdogs competing to be part of a reality show that is putting on a modern, hip remake of Swan Lake. It start Scott Foley, Piper Perabo and several other actors I like. I might give it a try just because of the cast.


8pm – The Resident – one of the two shows left that I watch. I like doctor shows and this is a good one, I like that it shows the bad side of medicine.

9pm – Our Kind of People – A new show set in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard, a historical stronghold where the rich and powerful black elite have vacationed for over 50 years. It stars Morris Chestnut and Yaya DaCosta. It sounds very much like a night time soap. I doubt I will watch.


8pm – The Masked Singer – I watch this. I think it is fun to see who the masked people are. I like seeing how off the judges are with their guesses. I tend to do other things while I watch because I mainly pay attention to the clues and the guesses more than the actual singing.

9pm – Alter Ego – another singing competition. the description says they perform in the form of their dream/aspirational avatar. I have no idea what that means. I doubt I will watch


8pm – Thursday Night Football – I tend to watch the end of the game after my wife goes to bed. I watch the entire game if it is a good matchup.


8pm WWE SmackDown Live – I was a wrestling fan when I was a kid. I am not longer interested


8pm – Fox Sports Saturday – I guess it depends on what is being played and who is playing


8pm – The Simpsons

8:30pm – The Great North

9pm – Bob’s Burgers

9:30pm – Family Guy

I have no interest in any of these. I used to watch the Simpsons but stopped a long time ago


911 Lone Star, Call me Kat, The Cleaning Lady, Domino Masters. Don’t Forget the Lyrics, Krapopolis, Monarch, Next Level Chef, Pivoting, Welcome to Flatch.

I watch Lone Star and like it. I’m not happy to see it as a midseason show.

Welcome to Flatch is a mockumentary in a small town studying young adults and their concerns. It sounds interesting. Call Me Kat was on this year. I tried it and didn’t like it.

Monarch is a musical drama about America’s first family of country music. I might try it.

Pivoting is a comedy about three women after the death of their childhood friend faced with the reality that life is short. I like Maggi Q and Eliza Coupe, so I might try it. I have no interest in the reality stuff

7 thoughts on “Tater on TV: The FOX Fall 2021 Schedule is Here

  1. I don’t see anything of interest on Fox. I have a feeling my tolerance for regular TV has been drastically reduced because of the commercials, which I don’t get with Prime and Netflix. I do have a DVR on my TV, but I forget it’s there. I’ll have to try to remember so I can watch anything new (to me at least) this season. I depend on your overviews to keep me up to date. No pressure here.


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