Off Kilter

This is the time of year where my becomes a TV blog. The networks release their fall schedules and I write about them. NBC threw me off by releasing theirs last week. The actual upfronts start today. NBC is this morning and FOX is this afternoon. At some point today, FOX will release their schedule and I will have a post about it. I have no idea when that will happen. It might be as soon as I post this. It might be midday. I hate being off schedule which is why I am posting a random thing now.

Add to that the fact that I went back to bed after the dog woke me up to go out because I’ve been sleeping less since my daughter has been home and I feel very off kilter. It will continue as I don’t have my normal therapy session this afternoon but I do have training for a vaccination clinic volunteering at 5.

My off kilter schedule will continue. My daughter is done with school after today but works Tuesday afternoon. Then I take her to the airport Wednesday evening. Thursday is normal and the the clinic is Friday. I have in person book club Saturday night. Then I go back to a somewhat normal schedule but I will be home alone until next Wednesday. I guess I can’t complain about being bored.

Stay tuned for a TV post later today,

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