Tater on TV – The NBC Fall 2021 Schedule is Here

I’ve been a big fan of TV since I was a kid. For a poetry assignment in high school I turned the TV schedule into a poem. I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly. I follow multiple TV reporters on Twitter. I love this time of year when the networks announce the new fall TV schedules. I missed it last year when we didn’t know when we would get new shows. I’m surprised a schedule is out already. I was expecting the first one to be released Monday morning.

Here is the NBC schedule and some commentary. Oddly, no sitcoms on the official fall schedule.


8PM The Voice – I can’t believe this has been on for ten years already. We watched the first couple of seasons but got bored with it after that.

10pm – Ordinary Joe – This is a new show starring James Wolk. It explores three parallel lives of Wolk’s character after he makes a pivotal choice at a crossroads in his life. I’m unsure on this one. I like Wolk, so I might give it a shot. The concept is interesting, but I worry it will be another tearjerker show.


8pm – The Voice – One of the problems I have with the show. It is too much of a time committment.

9pm – La Brea – A massive sinkhole opens in LA. A mother and son are separated from father and son. Part of the family finds themselves in a primeval world with a group of strangers and have to work together to survive and get back home. It sounds interesting and I like the cast(Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken) so I will give it a shot. It seems destined for cancellation, though.

10pm – New Amsterdam – I’ve been watching this from the beginning. I like it. It has a great cast and interesting storylines. Plus, I love medical shows in general.


8pm – Chicago Med – I watched a few episodes. The main doctor annoys me even when he is just a guest on Chicago Fire.

9pm – Chicago Fire – I enjoy this one even though some of the main characters are boring. I like it a lot more when the focus is on some of the more entertaining secondary characters.

10pm – Chicago PD – I’ve never watched this one. My brother loves it.


8pm – Law & Order: For the Defense

9pm – Law & Order: SVU

10pm – Law & Order: Organized Crime

I have never watched Law & Order in any form. It’s possible I’ve seen pieces of a show here and there, but I have never watched an episode on purpose. I don’t see that changing.


8pm – The Blacklist – I liked this when it started. I gave up a few seasons ago. My wife still watches it. I feel like it should have wrapped a while back. Do they still not know who Red is?

9pm – Dateline NBC – not something I watch regularly, but it is easy to get sucked in if it happens to be on when we finish watching a recorded show


8pm – Drama Encores – repeats of shows that aired earlier in the week. I guess for people who don’t have any sort of recording option.

9pm – Dateline Saturday Night Mystery – see above

10pm – SNL Encores


Sunday Night Football! – I love football


This is where we find the sitcoms. Kenan, Young Rock, and Mr Mayor are all renewed and held for mideason. Of these, Mr Mayor is the best. I love the cast of Kenan, but it needs work. Yong Rock is kind of boring. This is Us is also held for midseason, but will air all shows with no weeks off. American Auto and Grand Crew are two more comedies. Botch have casts that make them worth a try.

Brooklyn 99 will air its last season after the Olympics this summer.

Some other shows, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Good Girls, are still awaiting official news of their fate.

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