Throwback Thursday – Everything’s Better With a Little Kiss

Still dealing with general anxiety with a dollop of depression on the side. Today a fun post brought to you by Timehop reminding me that ten years ago I looked like this

My daughter had started taking dance classes the year before after a friend invited her to the studio on take a friend day and she loved it. As the recital was being planned, she asked me about doing the dad’s dance but didn’t really know what it was. I did not do it that year and she seemed disappointed. The dad’s dance that year was pirate themed and the dads seemed to be doing less dance and more just running around dressed like pirates. I thought it was something I could do so I signed up the next year. That year they decided each dad would wear a different costumes related to the 80s. We had Michael Jackson, Pee Wee Herman, Top Gun, etc. They wanted someone to be a member of KISS so I volunteered and ordered this costume online. My wife was not thrilled that she had to do my makeup for dres rehearsal and the actual recital. Here is a video of the dress rehearsal.

I would eventually reprise my role at a library conference that had an 80’s theme, I judged contest in my KISS costume and went to the dance party after in costume. It was fun the next day to walk past people I talked to the night before and realize they had no clue I was that person.

I did dad’s dance for several more years. Eventually, I did it enough that I was in the front line of dance which was a challenge since I couldn’t follow the person in front of me. The dance teacher even told one dad that I could probably help him learn the dance after he started late. It was weird. I will leave you with one last dance picture.

Happy Thursday!

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