What Has Annoyed Me Recently Online

I spend way too much time online these days. My laptop, iPad and iPhone are all within arms reach all day. There is no one else around, so there is nothing keeping me from letting my eyes drift to social media over and over. Stuck while writing? Let’s take a look at Twitter. Book not holding my attention? Let’s see what’s happening on Facebook. WordPress notification comes through? Might as well look at all my social media after I look at the notification. I need to spend some time in a room away from my electronics. Being online a lot means I am exposed all day to things about social media that annoy me. Here is a small list of those things.

The people who jump on any article about any TV show to make sure people know they don’t like and don’t watch the show. They post things like – That show is still on? That show is garbage. I can’t believe anyone watched this. And it happens with every show. All the time. Why do I read the comment? Who knows.

The people who make sure everyone knows they are too cool to care about things others care about. Were the Oscars on today? I would not have known had I not seen it on Twitter. Who cares about the royal family? Who cares about X sporting event? I have more important things to do with my time.

The people who try to put a damper on any good news. I still follow the Covid numbers and follow a guy who has spent the last year tracking the numbers. The numbers are trending in a good direction. Some people don’t seem to like that and find a reason to constantly say “just wait. another surge is coming. We are all going to die”

The blogging people who follow my blog but never interact with it until I like a post of theirs and then they pop over and like 5 posts so fast I know the aren’t actually reading them.

In the same area – the whole “like for like” “follow for follow” thing. I want to like posts and follow blogs because they interest me, not as pay back. I want people to like my posts and follow my blog because it interests them not because I liked their post and they are paying me back.

People who try to make everything political. I post a joke and someone feels the need to post a comment that tries to make it political. Not everything is political. Just stop.

According to social media everything is problematic for some reason.

People who complain about how terrible Twitter is on Twitter. No one is making you use it. If you hate it, delete your account. It’s that easy.

I really need to stop looking at social media so much, but when you spend all day every day alone it is hard.


15 thoughts on “What Has Annoyed Me Recently Online

  1. I agree with your points. I look at WordPress a great deal, Facebook much less. And that’s it. As a blogger, my writing is a labor from my heart and my mind, so your comments about insincere “readers/followers” ring true with me.

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  2. I’m in the same situation. Everything is at hand all the time. Except for this past month I’ve spent with my grandson, which has provided much more interesting things to obsess about. When I go home on Saturday, though, I’ll find myself doing much as you do unless I resolve to break the habit,

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  3. Ok. You didn’t ask, but you know what my new pet peeve is? Did you see posts where people were saying…”to those who don’t get along with their mothers, to those who can’t be mothers, etc…it’s ok to hate this day” ok, they didn’t say hate this day but really…cant we allow someone to feel special without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings!

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    1. I did see a lot of those and other “please remember” Mother’s Day posts. They do annoy me. Especially the ones saying we need to think about single dads as well. They have a day for them next month. I will see the same for single moms on Father’s Day

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  4. I enjoy reading your posts and wouldn’t have found you if it wasn’t LA who recently posted a link to your blog. I agree with most of your pet peeves and especially despise how everything can be made political.

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  5. Ugh I hate fake followers here. Or people that have business blogs with zero relevance of interest. I check into every new blogger that follows me and usually only follow fellow artist’s or writers or interests. I’m not interested in amassing millions of followers.

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