What’s Good in Tater Town 5/9/21

It’s Sunday again. That means it’s time for me to look back on the good from the week. Let’s see what I can remember.

  1. I went to the library with my daughter and we browsed the shelves for the first time in a year.
  2. Both kids were home for dinner last Sunday.
  3. My daughter stayed until Tuesday.
  4. Free coffee at Wawa Tuesday morning.
  5. My wife got her second vaccine shot Tuesday afternoon.
  6. Free McFlurry at McDonalds Tuesday afternoon.
  7. Free coffee at Dunkin on Wednesday.
  8. I got the mowing done Thursday afternoon before two days of rain.
  9. More time reading on the deck.
  10. I was able to take a walk every day even with occasional rain.

That’s all I can remember. Hope you had a good week.

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