Brain Block

Live look at me this morning

I am sitting here with an open laptop and I can’t even get started on writing on a topic. I started thinking it was just another day of writer’s block, but that isn’t the extent of my block.

I recently stopped reading Hummingbird Salamander after making it halfway through the book. I just didn’t care enough about the story and didn’t connect with the writing. I moved on to a new book.

I started reading The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones. It was another book with really good reviews. It sounded like something I would like. I couldn’t do it. I chucked that one and moved on to another new book.

I am now reading Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Gailey. It’s a good book. It’s nice and short. I have less than 100 pages left to read. I’m finding it difficult to pick it up and finish it.

I was watching Virgin River when I was alone in the afternoon. The last episode it was hard for me to care about the plot. I have not watched another episode.

I have watched a few shows with my family. I enjoy the sitcoms I watch with my daughter. I have enjoyed the episodes of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist we have watched. I found it harder to get absorbed in the more serious show we watched.

I obviously in a place where my brain needs light and fun. The books I have on my TBR shelf are not light and fun. That’s what I get for collecting a stack of award winners. I need a thriller or a teen rom-com book. I need to watch shows that are fun and light. Maybe writing seems too serious a task today.

It kind of sounds like where I am when I get into my more melancholy moods. My mood seems fine. Maybe this is a harbinger of things to come. Maybe I can stave it off with some laughs.

10 thoughts on “Brain Block

  1. Maybe you should reread a Chris Moore book? I’ve been doing better with light, more entertaining than thought-provoking things of late, like for the last year. I find I get bogged down otherwise. It’s not surprising that you’d want lighter entertainment after what’s happened over the last year or so.

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  2. I totally get where you are. I have months where I just need to read something where I don’t have to think too much. This is usually when work is getting me down. You’ll be able to do more than ‘light and fun’ soon.

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