What’s Good in Tater Town 5/2/21

Can you believe it’s May already? Days seem long but the time keeps flying by. Let’s take a look at the good.

  1. Weekly dinner with my son.
  2. Second dose of the vaccine Tuesday morning.
  3. Only fatigue as a side effect and the time to rest and get past it.
  4. Recovered in time for my food delivery Thursday morning.
  5. My son got his second dose of the vaccine Thursday evening.
  6. My daughter got her second dose of the vaccine Friday.
  7. She came home for the weekend to recover from any side effects(they were minimal)
  8. We watched the Kentucky Derby together last night. It was good to have that back to normal.
  9. I hit 2000 views on the blog last month. That’s a milestone for me. Thanks for reading!
  10. My poem I Learned to Knock That Day was published on Spillwords yesterday.

That’s all I can think of this week. Hope everyone else had a good week.

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