My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 4/30/21

I knew going into this week that it would not be a typical week for me. I had my second Moderna shot Tuesday morning and spent a good bit of time on the couch with little energy for the rest of that day and the next. Yesterday, I had my food delivery and then an appointment to take a car in for service. Today I am driving my daughter to her second dose appointment and then home so she can deal with any side effects here. All of this means my normal reading and watching was off as well. Here is my recap.


We did watch one new movie Saturday night: Promising Young Woman. I didn’t know much about the movie besides the general synopsis and that it was nominated for an Oscar. I’m glad I was in the dark. It was much better not knowing what the expect. The performances were very good. The story was excellent. It took a turn I did not expect. I’m always happy when a movie actually surprises me. I would highly recommend it.

I also watched several older movies on HBO while on the couch. Here is the list

  • The Five Year Engagement – I had never watched this before. It was a good romantic comedy with a good cast
  • 10 Years – a high school reunion movie with Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt, Rosario Dawson, Anthony Mackie, etc. Nothing particularly exciting here but fun to see this cast together.
  • Sex Drive – I have watched this one before. It was based on a YA book I liked a typical raunchy teen road trip comedy
  • Blockers – surprisingly good movie abut parents trying to stop their teen daughters from gong through wtuh a pact to lose their virginity on prom night.
  • Hardball – old Keanu Reeves movie about a gambler who is paid to coach an inner city baseball team. I did not remember that Michael B Jordan was one of the kids on the team. I always like a good inspirational sports movie.


Nothing new to report on the TV front. Just more clearing shows fro the DVR. My son and I finally finished season one of Mr Mayor. I’m glad it got a second season. It was pretty good and has potential to be a very good comedy. We have started watching the recent season of The Resident. I was happy to see that they took the same road as New Amsterdam. The first episode has flashbacks of what they dealt with during Covid but the current time current timeline is post Covid. I was annoyed that they showed several characters dealing with the disease and then when we flashed back to the wedding in current time they were all there and the only death was the dad of a major character who was not even part of the show. I don’t think one show that wrote Covid into their plot has had a major character killed off with the disease. New Amsterdam had the perfect opportunity to do it. The character who almost died of it is no longer on the show as the actor decided to leave due to his wife dealing with cancer. Instead of writing him out with his death from the disease, they saved him but then said he resigned because he was afraid to come back.


I didn’t technically finish a book this week. I did stop reading Hummingbird Salamander by Jeff VanderMeer. I gave the book almost a week and half the book but finally admitted that I didn’t care enough about the story to continue. I just didn’t connect with the writing style and it was a slog to get to the point where I quit. Life is too short for reading to be a chore. I’m also struggling to get into my current book, but I will give it the weekend to see if it is the book or the lack of energy.

On Deck

I don’t have any movies on DVD. My daughter will be home, so movie time will likely be replaced with watching shows we save to watch with her. I’m hoping to finally watch the last few episodes of Superstore. It also works out well that she will be home to watch the Kentucky Derby with me. Legends of Tomorrow, the best of the Arrowverse shows, comes back Sunday so we can watch one episode before she goes back to school. I am reading The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones.

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