Planning for Normal

Normal is not a word anyone would ever use in reference to me, but I am planning for normal nonetheless.

I have my appointment for my second shot of the vaccine in an hour. My son gets his Thursday. My daughter goes Friday. My wife goes a week from today. By mid May we will all be fully uploaded to the matrix.

It appears today President Biden will announce new CDC guidelines loosening mask guidelines for outdoors. Today, Kentucky is dropping the outdoor mask mandate for outdoors except for events of over 1000 people. The medical experts on the Today Show are talking about things looking closer to normal very soon.

I have plans to see friends live and in person in late May.

I have plans to travel to see family in late June.

My kids’ college plans to have normal operations this fall.

My wife and I will likely go out to eat for our anniversary this month.

DC is loosening restrictions soon. The Smithsonian museums are going to start reopening. I’m sure that means my wife will start going back to the office a few days a week soon.

Life is returning to something closer to normal. It’s nice to have plans and things to look forward to.

3 thoughts on “Planning for Normal

  1. I’m going to avoid using the word “normal,” since what was normal before the pandemic started last year probably will not pertain again. I’m looking forward, though, to being able to see friends again without masks, go out to dinner inside a restaurant again, and maybe go to a winery again. I’m hoping that Leo’s pediatrician gives us the okay to be around him indoors without masks after his visit this morning. We’re all fully vaccinated after all.

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